Assignment 5: iTunes U

iTunes U: Google Tools by John Sowash

In this podcast, John Sowash presents the Google website and many of the products Google offers for free. He explains how to use these products in the classroom effectively.

Google offers customized search engines so that you can have students search safely in the classroom. As a teacher or student, you can have an iGoogle page, which has multiple Internet resources and applications of an individual’s needs and interests all on one page. Google Earth is also a tool that provides 3-D viewings of the Earth. Students can create literary journeys or map important historical events they are learning about. They can even add in pictures and videos to those events. Google also offers a calendar which can help a teacher keep track of events, meetings and appointments and students keep track of due dates and upcoming trips or classroom activities. This is also helpful for parents, who can keep track of field trips, report cards, parent-teacher conferences and more. Plus, you can have multiple calendars according to your needs (i.e. personal, school, family). The last tool John talks about is Google Docs. Students can learn how to collaborate by making and editing documents together online and then sharing them through email, blogs, or presentations.

I plan on exploring all these Google products more in my classroom and for personal use. All products are wonderful classroom tools to use daily, plus, they are free and students can access them from home if they have Internet access.