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This blog provided resources and ideas on how to incorporate technology into your classroom that is free and easy to use. I like this blog because it is not ‘busy’. The links and blogs are easy to locate, things are laid out nicely, and the information was very beneficial. Each post has a website that can be used in the classroom and explains how.
Medford Special Education Director, Joseph Greget, put together this blog for both parents and educators on Special Education services, updates, and reviews, news, and links. This has excellent resources and links for educators. It also keeps everyone informed weekly of what has been happening in the Medford Public School District.
This is a blog site that caters to educators. Teachers can quickly and easily sign up and add students to their blog. The pros: Teachers and students can post new discussions, add pictures, videos and links, and approve blogs that are posted by students if desired. The cons: Although students can read each other's comments, they cannot comment on each person's post or blog.
I've been using this in my English class to serve as their writer's journal. I post (or students) will post writing prompts to have students respond to and then read their peers comments.
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