Lesson Plan - "Your Career Values"

Title of Lesson: Career Unit – Activity 2
Your Career Values
Date: 2/1/2011 Timeframe of Lesson: 42 min.
Author: Jill Chasteen
School District: Medford Area Public School District
Campus: Middle School
Subject Area(s): English/Reading
Grade Level(s)/Course: Grade 8 Remedial English

State Standards
Subject Specific:
Reading-Informational Text
Gr. 6- 4. Determine the meaning of words and phrases
as they are used in a text, including figurative,
connotative, and technical meanings.

Gr.6- 7. Integrate information presented in different
media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively)
as well as in words to develop a coherent
understanding of a topic or issue.

Gr. 8- 6. Use technology, including the Internet, to produce
and publish writing and present the relationships
between information and ideas efficiently as well
as to interact and collaborate with others.

Technology Specific:
A. **MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY** - Students in Wisconsin will select and use media and technology to access, organize, create, and communicate information for solving problems and constructing new knowledge, products, and systems.
**C. INDEPENDENT LEARNING** - Students in Wisconsin will apply technological and information skills to issues of personal and academic interest by actively and independently seeking information, demonstrating critical and discriminating reading, listening, and viewing habits, and striving for personal excellence in learning and career pursuits.

Stated Objective(s)

Students will complete a survey to find out what they value most and least in careers.
Students will read about various values and what they mean.
Students will reflect on their values and others’ through writing/blogging.
Procedures for Lesson

This is Activity 2 of the Career Unit.
Students will log onto the wikispace: careerunit.wikispace.com
Students will select the link for Activity 2.
Students will read the directions and click on the link to a website that will give them a questionnaire for finding their Career Values.
Students will complete the survey – then, record and print their results.
Once they have their results, students will log onto kidblog.org.
Students will click on the discussion “Activity 2: Career Values” and write their top 3 values and meanings and there least value.
Students will read other comments and compare their own values to their peers.
Students will keep their results which will be used and cited in their final career paper.

Assessment or Evaluation

Since this is a part of a large unit, I will be making observations as students complete their questionnaires. Also, I will be grading whether or not they completed the survey and the blogging. I will also evaluate their responses in the blog and their definitions of their values for accuracy. This lesson will also be assessed once they have completed their final paper and speech on their career.


Students that are curious about their values could then locate another career values survey online to see if the surveys are similar. Students can start their own blog about why they think those values match their own personality and where they think they have learned those values.

Hard copy Handout of Directions

Technology Resources:
//www.careerunit.wikispaces.com// - Career Unit Wiki by Mrs. Chasteen
//http://www.stewartcoopercoon.com/jobsearch/career-values/// - Career Values Survey
//http://kidblog.org// - blogging site for responses and writing

Other Resources:
See attached sheet below: (Hardcopy of directions)